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Scientific research is one of the engines of economic and social development, constituting an important part of a country’s culture, a perspective that justifies the special attention and priority importance that this field enjoys in academic approaches, and the University of Petroșani (UPET) has a real research potential.

In its research, development and innovation (RDI) activity, the University of Petroșani promotes the development of a research environment focused on technological progress and innovation, competitive at national and international level, which consolidates this institution in a pole of excellence focused on knowledge generation and technology transfer, with direct impact on the increase of scientific performance, visibility and quality of services to the economic and social environment.

Thus, in accordance with Article 189 of the National Education Law, the University of Petroșani has assumed as its mission also scientific research, having the obligation to create technical-administrative structures that facilitate the management of research activities and research-development projects carried out by the staff of the institution. These structures must serve and respond optimally to the needs of the staff involved in research.

Prorectorate for Scientific Research and International Relations is responsible for all aspects of scientific research activity in the university.
In order to ensure the smooth running of activities in the field of RDI and the achievement of the objectives assumed in the Strategic Plan of UPET 2020-2024, under the authority of the Vice-Rector for Scientific Research the following structures operate:

  • Scientific Research Council
  • Department for Management of Research, Development and Innovation (DMCDI)
  • UPET Library

Scientific Research Council

The Scientific Research Council of the University of Petroșani is a working body subordinated to the Senate, and is coordinated by the Vice-Chancellor responsible for scientific research.

Department for Management of Research, Development and Innovation (DMCDI)

The Research, Development and Innovation Management Department represents the interface between research and development activity and the socio-economic environment, contributing to the valorisation of university research results, to economic development in general and to obtaining financial resources for the University.

University Library of Petroșani offers everyone access to information, ideas, reading, encourages and supports the freedom to know, provides and develops necessary services, oriented to meet the needs of readers. The library is subordinate to the University and supports the teaching and research activities carried out there. The basic requirement of the UPET Library is to serve the reading public, all library activities are subsumed under this fundamental purpose. The UPET Library provides researchers with scientific books, monographs, journals and databases for documentation. The library offers the following services:

  • issuing permits;
  • loan of publications;
  • assistance in using bibliographic tools and identifying publications in catalogues;
  • information and documentation services: catalogues, mailing lists, bibliographies on request from our own or other systems;
  • Internet access;
  • interlibrary loan for publications held in other libraries in the country.


  1. Engineering of rocks, useful minerals and building materials (IRSMUMC)
  2. Risk Assessment in Industry (SCENIHR)
  3. Mining Engineering, Environment and Geology (CCIMMG)
  4. Mechanical engineering for the extractive industry (IMIE)
  5. Economic and Social Research for Regional Development (CCESDR)
  6. Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics (CCIMIF)
  7. Methods, techniques and software for mining process monitoring and control (MCPM)
  8. Strategic Energy Security Studies
  9. Excellence in basic and applied research at the University of Petroșani

Universitas Publishing Housebelongs to the University of Petroșani and was established on the basis of the Senate Bureau Decision of 24.07.1998 and the decision of the Rector of the University of Petroșani no. 127 of 10 August 1998. The publishing house was established on the basis of the need to support the teaching and scientific research activities of the teaching staff of the University of Petrosani.
The publishing house is a non-profit foundation, not having a distinct legal personality and no bank account separate from that of the University of Petroșani.

The publishing activity is carried out in accordance with the provisions of the following regulations: Law no. 8/1996 on copyright and related rights; Law no. 111/1995 on the establishment, organization and functioning of the Legal Depository of Printed Works; orders of the Ministry of Culture and Religious Affairs in this field.