The conference fee includes the attendance at conference sessions including the evening events as well as the conference publications.
For Lei: IBAN RO81TREZ36820F330500XXXX, Trezoreria Petrosani,
fiscal code: 4374849 mentioning: “for SIMPRO 2014”.

For Euro: IBAN RO63RNCB0165020175210001, BCR Petrosani
BIC RNCBROBU, M. Viteazu, nr. 4, Petrosani,  for SIMPRO 2014


If you wish to stay to the University's Campus or the others hotels in Petrosani, here are some and their fees:
A. Student dormitories on Campus.
Price for a single room: 15€.
B. Hotel ONIX **, phone: +40254.544.613,
Single room: 20€,
C. Hotel Rusu-***, 10 km outside the city, situated at an altitude of 1168 m, phone: +40742.087.221
Single room: 35€,
Price for a single room: 40€


The conference will be held at the University of Petrosani, 10 – 11 October 2014, 20 Universitatii str., 332006 Petrosani, Romania MAP

Transportation and Travel

City: Petrosani, County: Hunedoara

Distance from major cities: Petrosani is 100 km from the county capital - Deva and 370 km from the national capital, Bucharest.

Altitude: 615 - 620 m.

Landscape: The landscape is very steep, specific to mountainous areas, with two gorges shaped by the East Jiu and West Jiu. The mountains that surround the basin are: in the South Valcan; Retezat in the North; Parang in the East, and Godeanu in the West. The highest altitude is that of the Parangu Mare Peak - 2507m. Transportation

The Road Network. The transit road that cross Petrosani city is DN66 from Hateg towards Tg. Jiu that links Transylvanian with Oltenia region through a beautiful gorge of the Jiu River (Jiu Valle).

The Railway Network. The North - South railway line that ties Transylvania of Oltenia, through Jiu Valley (Simeria - Petrosani - Târgu Jiu - Filiasi) crosses Petrosani. The railway Petrosani - Simeria railway links the former with the main Transylvanian cities (Deva, Arad, Cluj).

The closest national airports are at Timisoara and Sibiu.

If you plan to arrive by plane, we recommend you to choose the airport from the cities of Timisoara, Sibiu, Bucharest, Cluj Napoca. 

The distances from there to Petrosani are the following: 

Bucharest - Petrosani - 360 km, Timisoara - Petrosani - 225 km, Sibiu – Petrosani - 190 km.

The organizers will ensure the transport from the airport to Petroşani city.

By car

The three major access points at the border are: 

- Bors (with Hungary) - 300 km to Petrosani on the route: Oradea - Beius - Brad - Deva – Petrosani; Bors (with Hungary) - 378 km to Petrosani on the route: Oradea-– Cluj Napoca – Alba Iulia- Petrosani 

- Nadlac (with Hungary) - 250 km to Petrosani on the route: Arad - Deva - Petrosani 

- Stamora Moravita (with Serbia) - 280 km to Petrosani on the route: Timisoara - Lugoj - Caransebes - Hateg – Petrosani

- Giurgiu (with Bulgaria)-412 km to Petrosani on the route: Giurgiu – Bucuresti, Tg. Jiu. - Petrosani