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Annals of the University of Petrosani
- Economics -

2010 - Volume X

Part I

  • Bachev, H. - State and Efficiency of Management of Agro-Ecosystem Services - the Case of Bulgaria
  • Breuer, A.; Lesconi-Frumuşanu, N.M.; Bilianaciurea, J. - Investments and Economic Recovery
  • Brutu, M. - The Improvement of Processes’ Quality in Organisations Using the Six Sigma Concept
  • Burja, C.; Burja, V. - Analysis Model for Inventory Management
  • Chirtoc, I.E. - The Importance of Human Resources on Romania's Labor Market
  • Ciocodeică, V.; Prodanciuc, R. - Miners’ Opinions Regarding the Influence of the Unions over the Socio-Economical Conditions in the Jiu Valley
  • Ciumag, M.; Ciumag, A. - Book-Keeping and Dividends Tax Fiscality
  • Dima, I.C.; Ciurea, C.; Voicu, I.; Sandu, M. - Particularities of the Human Resource Motivation in Public Administration
  • Dumbravă, G. - The Concept of Framing in Cross-Cultural Business Communication
  • Ganciov (Miculescu), A.; Pribac, L.I. - Knowledge and Information - Factors of Economical and Social Development
  • Gangone, A.; Chirila, C. - The Role of The Code of Ethics in the Contemporary Firms Activity
  • Giurca Vasilescu, L.; Popa, A. - Bankruptcy - A Possible New Start for the Small Business?
  • Ishwara, P. - Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Food Processing Units (With Special References to Byadgi Red Chilli Cold Storage Units in the Karnataka State)
  • Jurchescu, M.D.; Lesconi-Frumuşanu, N.M. - Internal Audit Comparative Analysis - Management Control Concepts
  • Lupu Dima, L.; Edelhauser, E.; Ionică, A. - E-Learning Platforms in Romanian Higher Education
    Mălăescu, S. - What is Found beyond the Diffident Impact of Several Western Successful Intervention Models?: The Genuine Romanian Territorial Reality
  • Man, M.; Marin, R.M. - Financial Risks Associated with the Governmental Public Debt’s Portfolio
  • Marcu, M.; Gherman, C. - The Efficiency of Promotional Instruments Related to the Product Life Cycle Stages
  • Mazilu, M. - A New Strategy for Relaunching Tourism in Europe
  • Megan, O.; Crâşneac, A. - The Role of European Funds for Research as Engine of Economic Growth
  • Nistorescu, T.; Ploscaru, C. - A Strategic Approach of the Construction Sector in Romania
  • Njanike, K. - The Impact of Globalisation on Banking Service Quality in Zimbabwe (2003-2008)
  • Njanike, K. - Derivative Market: An Integral Part of the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange
  • Obigbemi, I. - The Role of Competition on the Pricing Decision of an Organisation and the Attainment of the Organisational Objective
  • Pârvulescu, I.; Pleşa, R.; Ridzi, R. - Socio-Economic Issues Characteristic to the Jiu Valley Residents
  • Pleşa, R. - Aspects Related to the Socio-Economic Situation of the Retired Persons in Romania
  • Popescu, R.I.; Corboş, R.A. - Strategic Options in the Construction of the Bucharest Brand through the Application Analysis of the Measuring Instruments for the Urban Brands
  • Pribac, L.I. - Intellectual Investment. The Prospects in Education in the USA and in the EU
  • Puiu, S. - The Model of the Five Competitive Forces on Romanian Retail Market
  • Pup, A. - An Agenda of Morality for Business Ethics
  • Radneantu, N.; Gabroveanu, E.; Stan, R. - From Traditional Accounting to Knowledge Based Accounting Organizations
  • Răvaş, B.; Monea, A. - The Role of the Financial Information in the Tourism Services Quality Control
  • Secară, M. - Statistic Analysis of International Tourism on Romanian Seaside
  • Shome, S.; Tondon, S. - Balancing Human Development with Economic Growth: A Study of ASEAN 5
  • Turkes (Vint), M.C. - The Globalization of the Banking and Financial Crisis on International Level
  • Uţa, T.; Coman (Andrei-Coman), N. - Accounting Public Institutions from Classic to Modern
  • Zaharia (Crivac), G.M.; Uţa, T.; Vasilescu (Gheorghita), A. - Those Issues and Management Accounting Principles in the Organization Entities Milk IndustryBachev, H. - State and Efficiency of Management of Agro-Ecosystem Services - the Case of Bulgaria

Part II

  • Anghel, M.; Ciocodeică, V. - The Intellectuals’ Opinion Regarding the Integration of Romania into the European Union
  • Antoniu, E. - Career Planning Process and Its Role in Human Resource Development
  • Băltescu, C.A. - Poiana Braşov Resort Positioning on the Romanian Mountain Tourism Market
  • Barna, F.; Mura, P.O. - Capital Market Development and Economic Growth: The Case of Romania
  • Brânză, G. - Development of Romanian Seaside Tourism in the Frame of Sustainable European Society
  • Bucur, O.N. - The Risk in Business
  • Căruntu, C.; Lăpăduşi, M.L. - The Disclosure of the Conversion of Volume and Utilization of Fixed Capital in the Commercial Rate of Return
  • Chokethaworn, K.; Sriwichailamphan, T.; Sriboonchitta, S.; Chaiboonsri, C.; Sriboonjit, J.; Chaitip, P. - International Tourist Arrivals in Thailand: Forecasting with ARFIMA-FIGARCH Approach
  • Chokethaworn, K.; Wiboonponse, A.; Sriboonchitta, S.; Sriboonjit, J.; Chaiboonsri, C.; Chaitip, P. - International Tourists’ Expenditures in Thailand: A Modelling of the ARFIMA-FIGARCH Approach
  • Cismaş, L.; Miculescu, A.; Oţil, M. - Current Trends of the Regional Development Policy in the European Union. The Development of Competitive Economic Agglomerations of Cluster Type
  • Dura, C.; Drigă, I.; Niţă, D. - Statistical Landmarks and Practical Issues Regarding the Use of Simple Random Sampling in Market Researches
  • Dura, C.; Isac, C.; Drigă, I. - Possibilities of Increasing Efficiency within Serial Production Management
  • Ecobici, N.; Popa-Paliu, L.; Dina, I.C. - Tax and Accounting Implications of the Use of Special Charge Scheme for Second-Hand Goods to the Pawn Shops in Romania
  • Guţă, A.J.; Slusariuc, G.C. - Traditional and Alternative Approaches to Quantify the Risk for Business
  • Herman, E. - Inflation and Unemployment in the Romanian Economy
  • Hirghiduş, I.; Fulger, V. - The Basics of Rationality and the Culture of Economic Behaviour
  • Ighodaro, C.; Oriakhi, D. - Does the Relationship between Government Expenditure and Economic Growth Follow Wagner’s Law in Nigeria?
  • Ioneci, M.; Mîndreci, G. - The Impact of the Foreign Direct Investment on Romania’s Economy
  • Isac, N.; Bâgu, C. - Global Perspectives in Automotive Industry
  • Isac, A.; Muntean, M.; Dănăiaţă, D.; Şoavă, M. - The Current Stage of the Development of G2B and B2G Electronic Services in Romania
  • Joldoş, A.M.; Stanciu, I.C.; Grejdan, G. - Pillars of the Audit Activity: Materiality and Audit Risk
  • Nitu, C.V.; Condrea, E.; Constandache, M. - Quality Improvement Strategy in Romanian Tourism Products and Services with the Application of SC Astoria Complex SRL
  • Nitu, C.V.; Nitu, O.; Constandache, M. - Business Analysis of the Activity SC Complex Astoria SRL
  • Oţil, M.; Părean, M. - Macro-Regional Disparities in Romania
  • Popescu, M.L. - Consumers’ Satisfaction of Higher Education Services a Problem of Education in the 21st Century
  • Radović-Marković, M. - The Impact of Economic Crisis on Unemployment, Employment and SMEs Development in Serbia
  • Radović-Marković, M. - Advantages and Disadvantages of e-Learning in Comparison to Traditional Forms of Learning
  • Ristea, L.; Trandafir, A. - Wealth Tax Within Europe in the Context of a Possible Implementation in Romania - The Existing Wealth Tax and Its Decline in Europe
  • Şerban (Boiceanu), C.; Talpoş, I. - General Government Revenue in Certain European Union Countries
  • Shao, Y. - An Application of Spatial-Panel Analysis - Provincial Economic Growth and Logistics in China
  • Slusariuc, G.C.; Guţă, A.J. - Profit versus Insolvency in Romanian Economy
  • Sperdea, N.M.; Mangra, M.G.; Stanciu, M. - Trends Regarding the Level of the Processing, Assortment Structure and the Quality of the Food Products
  • Tikk, J. - The Internationalization of the Estonian Accounting System
  • Ungureanu, M.A.; Gruiescu, M.; Ioanăş, C.; Morega, D.D. - The Evaluation of Risk Regarding Insurance. Statistical Methods of Risk Dissipation
  • Zamfir, C.; Lupaşc, I.; Lupaşc, A. - Government Involvement in Consumption Behaviour
  • Zamfir, P.B. - The Global Financial Crisis, Where Does Place Romanian Economy in EU?

Part III

  • Antonelli, M.A. - Income Distribution and Rent Seeking Costs: A Note
  • Brezeanu, P.; Triandafil, C.M.; Huidumac, C. - Company Financial Diagnosis in CEE Countries
  • Bucurean, M.; Costin, M.A. - Appreciative Intelligence and Its Influence on Romanian Managers’ Behaviour
  • Butuza, A.C.; Hedre, L.V. - Contract Construction Activity
  • Catana, P. - Phenomena and Basic Macroeconomic Indicators for Measurements
  • Cenar, I. - The Financial - Accounting Image for the Public Benefits of Retirement
  • Cenuşe, M.; Drigă, I. - Advantages and Disadvantages of the Euro
  • Chaiboonsri, C.; Sriboonjit, J.; Sriwichailamphan, T.; Chaitip, P.;
  • Sriboonchitta, S. - A Panel Cointegration Analysis: An Application to International Tourism Demand of Thailand
  • Chaitip, P.; Sriboonchitta, S.; Balogh, P.; Chaiboonsri, C. - On Tests for Long-Term Dependence: India’s International Tourism Market
  • Ciuhureanu, A.T.; Gorski, H.; Balteş, N. - Study on Identifying the Consultancy Needs of the Members of the Territorial Pact and the County Partnerships in the Centre Region
  • Costin, M.A.; Bucurean, M. - The Importance of “Speed-Dating” for Romanian Entrepreneurs
  • Cucu, I.; Cucu, C.I.; Boatcă, M.E. - Modern Approaches in the Industrial Maintenance Management - The Conditional Type Maintenance
  • Dinculescu, E.S. - Distance Banking Services - A Solution for the Romanian Management Banking System
  • Dobre-Baron, O.; Fleşer, A. - Unemployment - The Unbalance of the Labour Market in Jiu Valley
  • Florescu, D.; Brezeanu, P. - Co-Financing One of the Many Problems in the Process of Accessing European Funds
  • Fulger, V.; Hirghiduş, I. - Methods for Determining the Community to Accept the EU Rules Regarding the Quality of Life in the Urban Areas
  • Grigore, G. - Ethical and Philanthropic Responsibilities in Practice
  • Grigore, G.; Grigore, C.; Grigore, Gh. - The Economic Justification of the Responsible Behaviour of Companies
  • Hedre, L.V. - Quality of Construction Activity
  • Hirghiduş, I.; Fulger, V. - Emerging Rationality and the Subject of Liberalism
  • Hulea, L. - Communication - Organizations’ Work Device
  • Lábodi, Cs.; Michelberger, P. - Necessity or Challenge - Information Security for Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Markova, S.; Petkovska-Mirčevska, T. - Entrepreneurial Finance: Angel Investing as a Source of Funding High-Growth Start-Up Firms
  • Mateş, D.; Feies, G.C. - The Necessity of Accounting Information in the Management of the Communitarian Services of Public Utilities
  • Mungiu-Pupăzan, M.C.; Vasilescu, M. - The Splitting of Labour Market and Employment Entrepreneurial Strategies
  • Munteanu, R. - The Connection between Management and Technology and the Technological Management
  • Njanike, K. - Central Bank Independency on the Development of the Financial Sector. A Case of Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (1998-2008)
  • Răbonţu, C.I.; Todoruţ, A.V. - Study on Organic Food Products in Romania
  • Rus, L. - Basic and Alternative Rules in Evaluation of Tangible and Intangible Assets
  • Sabău-Popa, C.D. - European Fisheries Fund - New Development Opportunities for Romania
  • Sava, A.Ş. - The Need for State in the Economy- Epistemological Approach
  • Schmidt, M.C. - Labour Market and Social Policy in the Jiu Valley
  • Stăncescu, I.; Popeangă, V.; Vătuiu, V.; Vătuiu, V.E. - Improving Public Services through a Organizational Performance Management
  • Stuparu, D.; Vasile, T.; Dăniasă, C.I. - Bayesian Approach of Decision Problems
  • Todoruţ, A.V.; Răbonţu, C.I.; Cîrnu, D. - Lean Management - The Way to a Performant Enterprise
  • Triandafil, C.M.; Brezeanu, P. - Corporate Financial Analysis and Localization Criteria - Emerging versus Developed Countries: Case Study on it Commercial Companies
  • Uşurelu, V.I.; Marin (Nedelcu), M.; Danailă (Andrei), A.E.; Loghin, D. - Accounting Ethics - Responsibility versus Creativity
  • Vasilescu, M.; Mungiu-Pupăzan, M.C. - Inflation Targeting - Between Theory and Reality
  • Zapodeanu, D.; Cociuba, M.I. - Financial Soundness Indicators
  • Ziolkowska, J.; Ziolkowski, B. - Sustainable Development in the European Union: Tools for Policy Evaluation

Part IV

  • Afsar, B.; Shahjehan, A.; Rehman, Z.U. - Negative Affectivity, Conscientiousness and Job Scope (A Case of it and Telecom Industry)
  • Bălăcescu, A.; Răbonţu C.I. - Statistical Analysis of the Touristic Accommodation Capacity and Activity in Romania during 2000-2009
  • Buşe, M. - Premises of the Quality Management in Education
  • Ciorbagiu-Naon, R. - Modalities of Non-Financial Motivation of Employees within Organizations
  • Ciuhureanu, A.T.; Gorski, H.; Balteş, N. - Study Regarding the Implemented Projects by the Members of the Territorial Pact Centre and the Identification of Project Ideas
  • Da Costa, M.L.; Dörr, A.C.; Dos Reys, M.A.; Zulian, A. - Economic Analysis of Smallholders: A Study of the Public Market
  • Dicová, J.; Ondruš, J. - Creativity in Management of Transport Enterprise
  • Dumitresu, L.; Fuciu, M. - The Role of Communication in the Efficiency of the Social Dialog Management
  • Dumitriu, R.; Ştefănescu, R.; Nistor, C. - Impact of the Foreign Direct Investment from the Manufacturing Sector on the Romanian Imports of Intermediate Goods and of Raw Materials
  • Gherman, C., Marcu, M. - The Role and Implications of Telemarketing in Media. Case Study: Transilvania Expres Daily Publication of Brasov
  • Hamburg, A. - Romanian Negotiation Style Based on Its Cultural Dimensions
  • Iacob, C.; Simionescu (Buşe), S. - Necessity and Reality between Information Transparency in Performance SMEs to Track
  • Ionică, A.; Băleanu, V.; Edelhauser, E.; Irimie, S. - TQM and Business Excellence
  • Jankalová, M.; Jankal, R. - Franchising and Its Applications in Slovak Republic
  • Korzeb, Z. - Implications of Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions in the Polish Banking Sector in the Context of the Global Financial Crisis
  • Kumar, G. - Growth Performance and Productivity of Rubber & Plastic Products Industry in Punjab
  • Kumar, G.; Gupta, S. - Forecasting Exports of Industrial Goods from Punjab - An Application of Univariate ARIMA Model
  • Măcriş, A.; Măcriş, M. - Dynamics of the Share of Education Expenditures within Romania’s Gross Domestic Product - Economic and Social Effects
  • Măcriş, M.; Măcriş, A. - Private Funds Financing of European Higher Education
  • Mehedinţu, A.; Pîrvu, C.; Etegan, C. - Indexing Strategies for Optimizing Queries on MYSQL
  • Monis, H.; Sreedhara, T.N. - Correlates of Employee Satisfaction with Performance Appraisal System in Foreign MNC BPOs Operating in India
  • Nagy, C.M.; Trif, V.; Cotleţ, B. - Accounting Treatments for Financing Entities
  • Nedeluţ, M.; Lăcriţa, G.; Ungureanu, D.M. - Compulsory Social Contributions in Different Countries Not Members of the European Union
  • Patnayak, L.; Swain, S.C. - Public Sector Banks in India on Rapid Hiring Spree: A Compassionate Analysis with Special Reference to IDBI Bank
  • Pîrvu, C.; Mehedinţu, A. - Considerations Concerning the Banking Credit and Its Optimization
  • Răscolean, I.; Isac, C.; Szabo, R. - The Management of a Portfolio in the Conditions of Economic Crisis
  • Răscolean, I.; Szabo, R. - Investments in Bonds on Romania’s Capital Market
  • Răvaş, O.C.; David, A. - Factoring Agreement - Financing Method for the Companies in Lack of Cash-Flow
  • Samara, S. - Options for the Assessment of Items of Financial Statements at National, European and International Level
  • Şeitan, O.; Gherman, C.; Bulgărea, C.N. - E-Commerce with Online Payment through Bank Card
  • Stanciu, A.P.; Stoicuţa, N.E. - European Econometric Analysis of the Interconnection of Consumption and GDP Approached According to Eviews Program
  • Stegăroiu, C.E.; Stegăroiu, V. - Algorithms for the Processes of Establishing Prices and Balanced Bank Interests
  • Stoicuţa, N.E.; Stanciu, A.P. - The Econometric Analysis of the Dependence between the Consumer, GDP and the Interest Rate Using the Eviews Program
  • Ţarcă, N.; Vătuiu, T.; Ţarcă, I. - A Study Regarding the Use of the Information Technology and Communications in the Logistic Activity of Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Trif, V.; Nagy, C.M.; Cotleţ, B. - Commercial Fund, Recognition and Assessment
  • Vătuiu, T.; Ţarcă, N.; Udrică, M.; Popeangă, V.N. - The Use of the EMCS Business Web Application for Monitoring the Movement of Excise Goods within the European Community
  • Drigă, I. - Book Review